About Me


Born in Genoa in 1988, Pisces:

alessandra gallo zing"I want to know if you know how to risk seeming crazy for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive."

I am like this:
crazy, different, passionate, sunny, dynamic, funny, true, creative; because you can’t invent creativity, it is inside you.

You cultivate it over time, with curiosity, the desire to learn, make mistakes, watch, smell, photograph.

Creative people are crazy people, but as a child a secret was revealed to me: all the best people are crazy!

It is necessary to live as you wish to without being influenced, be true to yourself.

You need to dream, sing, dance madly; bring about life through our presence alone.

It is necessary to know how to see beauty even when it’s not beautiful every day, because the happiest people are the most beautiful.

I hope you will feel happy and beautiful every day with my Zing and that you feel you’re wearing something special.

They are made with great enthusiasm and love.