a)    Zing registered trademarks owned by Alessandra Gallo and is protected by national and international applicable copyright laws.
It is forbidden to download or use any type of images, photographs, texts and information on this site, using any download system or software.
It's forbidden to insert pages from the www.ilovezing.com website within frames so that other trademarks can be linked to the site without the prior written permission of Alessandra Gallo
b)    You are invited to carefully read this document, as from the moment of shipping prospective orders you will be asked to declare that you have read and accepted these conditions. The conditions of sale below regulate the offer and sale of products on the www.ilovezing.com website between Alessandra Gallo, Via Assarotti 44/5, Tax number GLLLSN88C47D969O, VAT number 02237610999 and subscription number in the Genova Business Register GE 470908, hereafter referred to as ZING and the person acquiring from the above indicated website, hereafter referred to as the PURCHASER. Online orders of one or more articles indicates the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and acts as a contract between the PURCHASER, who should be over 18 and ZING for the trading of items online through the website.
Purchases made through www.ilove.zing are regulated, other than those not expressly foreseen by the following terms and conditions of sale by the Decreto Legislativo n. 206/2005, for customer protection in distanced contracts.


www.ilovezing.com is arranged as a selection of online articles. The essential characteristics of the articles are indicated online in each item profile and are visible from the moment of choice, filling in the order and before completing the order. However, the actual images and colours of the items on sale on www.ilovezing.com could not correspond exactly to those in real life due to the internet browser or monitor used to view them. From the moment ordering the PURCHASER must: select the product they intend to purchase, indicating the size by selecting one of the options available on the specific menu, the quantity required and the eventual colour or print by clicking on the ‘add to basket’ icon, clicking on the ‘send order’ icon and logging in (if already registered) or proceeding with log in by completing the form, giving ZING, in compliance with the regulations concerning data protection, all the necessary data to allow ZING to execute the order. Indicating the additional information necessary for delivery, by leaving a message in the box and selecting the payment method.
Remember that after forwarding, orders can not be modified or cancelled by the PURCHASER. Any errors must be reported within 24 hours to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The contract is concluded at the time of where ZING gives confirmation of receiving the order to the email address supplied by the customer. ZING reserves the right to accept or decline orders.
Since all the items on www.ilovezing.com are also on sale in our stores, selected items may not be immediately available. In this case it is up to ZING to inform the customer before the acceptance of purchase the exact timing of delivery.
Completion of the contract is subject to verification of payment confirmation by ZING. ZING reserves the right to deny/cancel the order should they find payment irregularities.
Poiché tutti gli articoli presenti su www.ilovezing.com sono in vendita anche nei nostri punti vendita, potrebbe verificarsi la non disponibilità immediata dell’articolo selezionato. In tal caso sarà cura di ZING di comunicare all’Acquirente prima dell’accettazione dell’acquisto, la tempistica esatta di consegna.
L’esecuzione del contratto è tuttavia subordinata alla verifica da parte di ZING dell’avvenuta regolarità del pagamento.
ZING si riserva la facoltà di risolvere/annullare l’ordine qualora constatasse la non regolarità del pagamento.

2.    PRICES.

The prices shown in the product data sheets on the site are inclusive of VAT and do not include taxes or customs charges applicable to the destination country of the articles, should they be different to Italy and are to be undertaken by the PURCHASER. ZING reserves the right to change at any moment the prices of the items available on the website, although once the contract is concluded, the prices of the articles acquired can no longer be modified.
Should the articles on the website www.ilovezing.com no longer be available, even temporarily ZING will communicate this as soon as possible, and in any case within 30 (thirty) days from the day after receiving the order.
In the case of advance payment, as described below, the PURCHASER can add replacement articles or request a partial refund for the unavailable articles. In this case the PURCHASER should communicate their bank details and ZING will promptly refund the PURCHASER the extra amount paid.


In the case where the PURCHASER details are incomplete or incorrect (making delivery impossible) ZING will not fulfill the order and will cancel it via email.
ZING accepts only credit card payments.
The PURCHASER will indicate which method of payment they intend to use. The financial information (credit/debit card number and the expiry dates etc) is forwarded through encoding protocol to the bank dealing with the electronic payment services which third parties have no access to whatsoever. This information will never be used by ZING other than to complete the relative purchasing procedure, to emit eventual refunds in the case of product returns, after the right of withdrawal, or where it is necessary to alert or indicate to the Police of fraud or violation towards ZING.
ZING is not responsible for the eventual fraudulent or violation that can be committed by third parties with the credit card at the moment of payment.
The product price and possible postage and delivery costs, as indicated on the online form, will be debited to the PURCHASER’S account at the moment of product despatch.
The accompanying invoice, relative to the purchase with the product details and the relative prices will be inserted inside the parcel.


The products will be shipped under insurance cover met by ZING. The final price, including shipping and insurance costs of the articles acquired only in Italy, will be clearly marked before the final confirming purchase.
For international shipping the price will be communicated case by case and any custom fees, charges or custom clearance will be at the expense of the PURCHASER.
The purchased item will be shipped as soon as possible and no later than 15 (fifteen) days from the date of purchase. Shipping will be made by mail or courier, to be chosen solely by ZING, and will always be traceable. The delivery of the ordered products will be to the address indicated by the PURCHASER. ZING cannot be held responsible in any way for any delay or failure to deliver due to unforeseeable circumstances, force majeur, or for delays attributable to the goods carrier. Shipping is always covered by insurance and the related costs are included in the final price. At the time of delivery ZING suggests to carefully check the integrity of the package and correspondence for quantity and quality with what is indicated in the accompanying document. In cases of discrepancies or differences the PURCHASER must notify ZING within 24 hours by either email or registered mail and retain the the goods and packaging, making them available for further inspection and investigation. Insurance coverage ceases upon delivery of the goods to the consignee / PURCHASER.
Delivery is from monday to friday during normal business hours (9-1 / 2-6pm). Where delivery is impossible due to the absence of the consignee/PURCHASER, after two attempts will leave a notice indicating the attempted delivery and contact instructions to arrange delivery. ZING will do as much as possible to deliver the articles to the PURCHASER or consignee within the indicated terms. The consignee or PURCHASER is invited to contact ZING in case of delivery delays or dissatisfaction with the related services.


In the event that a purchase contract is concluded outside the business premises, such sales are subject to EEC Directive n.85/577, which provides the opportunity for the purchaser to exercise the right of withdrawal. Internet purchases are included in this condition, but have to be made by only the private end user, therefore excluding authorized retailers and businesses.
This right consists of the possibility to unconditionally withdraw from the purchase, without giving ZING further explanation, of the articles purchased from ZING within 10 (ten) working days from the reception of the goods. ZING will refund the the PURCHASER the eventual sum paid for the purchase of the articles, with the exception of the return shipping costs which are care of the PURCHASER. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer shall, within 24 hours of receipt of the goods, notify ZING of this intention and give the following information:
- Number of the invoice or alternatively the order number.
- Bank details of where the refund will go. (CAB, ABI codes, account number, IBAN number)
In the case of a partial refund, a description and quantity of the intended returning articles.
Where the account holder details are different from those on the invoice receipt please indicate this.
Communication of return and of the above data must be communicated to ZING through the following:
- email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and registered mail letter to the following address: via Assarotti 44/5, 16121 Genova.
Within 10 (ten) days of receiving the goods, ZING will carry out the (total or partial) returns.
Return shipping of the articles should be through the the same transport and delivery methods used by ZING and are responsibility of the PURCHASER in case of loss or damage during transport. Return shipping costs are to be met by the PURCHASER.
Rights of returned goods are upheld only if the following conditions wholly observed:
a)    The articles are not used or washed or damaged.
b)    Labels are still attached with the mono use seal that constitutes as an integral part of the article.
c)    Returned goods are contained in their original packaging.
d)    Returned articles are sent in a sole shipment. Zing reserves the right to not accept items from one order returned and shipped at different times.
e)    The returning articles must be returned to the courier within 10 (ten) working days from the date the PURCHASER received the articles.
If the rights of return are completed following the terms and methods indicated, ZING will refund the eventual sums cashed of the purchased articles in compliance with the foreseen terms and conditions. The sums will be refunded in the shortest time possible and in any case within 30 (thirty) days of the date ZING is informed of the rights to refund, by activating the refund procedure once the correct execution of the above indicated terms and conditions are verified.
In the absence of the above requirements the PURCHASER will forego their right to a refund of the sums paid. Nevertheless, the PURCHASER can reclaim at their expense the articles in the same state they were returned to ZING. Otherwise ZING can keep the articles along with the sums paid for their purchase.

6.    PRIVACY.

Treatment of personal data given to ZING through the completion of an order, site registration or in any other way come under the applicable laws 196/2003. With reference to this data, ZING collects and treats personal data given voluntarily by the PURCHASER in order to complete an order, register to the www.ilovezing.com website, make information requests, communicate via traditional post or though the site. The personal data ZING collects and processes include name, address, email address, telephone numbers, and other optional information given. Site browsing does not involve the provision of personal data, although this is made necessary to carry out orders and provide the requested services by the PURCHASER, such as site registration, answering user queries and sending requested information to the user. Where it is necessary in accordance to the Privacy Laws, ZING asks for the PURCHASER’S consensus before proceeding with the treatment of personal data.


For each case not provided in these "Terms of Use", refer to the applicable Laws and regulations governing the sale online, whereas the Tribunal of Genoa is the competent authority to turn to for any type of claim or dispute.